Handwriting Experts

Forensic Handwriting Experts

Welcome to the Questioned Documents Service. Our forensic handwriting, signature and document analysis experts Melanie Pugh and Tony Stockton are both former Home Office Forensic Scientists, with over 30 years of combined experience as forensic scientists.

The Questioned Documents Service provide a wide range of court and investigative services for both defence and prosecution teams, covering disputed documents, signature and handwriting analysis and other forensic handwriting services.

We welcome enquiries from Solicitors, Government Departments, Police, Banks, Insurance Companies and others who find themselves involved in the investigation of a questioned document, the comparison of a signature or the identification of handwriting.

We undertake LSC funded work and can provide you with a quote for prior authority.

Expert Services

  • Signature Forgery Analysis
  • Handwriting Identification
  • Disputed Documents Examination
  • Prosecution
  • Defence
  • Civil Casework
  • Expert Reports provided for use in court
  • Court attendance as an Expert Witness

The Team

Tony Stockton

Co-founder of QDS, Tony worked for the Home Office Forensic Science Service for 22 years where he examined thousands of documents of evidential value and also regularly provided expert witness services. In his career he has worked on many high profile cases, including murders, kidnappings, rapes, counter-terrorism, serious fraud, money laundering, drugs, organised crime, witness intimidation and civil litigation. Read more

Melanie Pugh

Co-founder of QDS, Melanie worked for the Home Office Forensic Science Service for over 10 years and is a highly experienced court witness on forensic handwriting cases. Melanie has given evidence many times in the UK including Magistrates, Crown and Coroners courts as well as tribunals and also overseas and was the lead scientist in the UK in the so-called "black-money" fraud on which she acted as the main government advisor. Read more